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Centurion is ambivalent about the Berkeley riots. On one hand, it’s a shame that a major university and the adjacent businesses had to endure property damage just because a bunch of idiot liberals decided that the First Amendment doesn’t apply if they don’t agree with the speaker’s point of view.

On the other hand, Berkeley University and many other colleges taught most of those idiot liberals to hate America and capitalism. Students are taught that they are “special” and traditional values are bad.  It’s no wonder that some of those spoiled-brat students resort to violence when things don’t go their way. And only one (1) of those rioters was arrested. Shame on you Berkeley.

As the Bible says..” As you sow, so shall you reap.”​                                           2/7/17

None of you should be surprised by the appointment of a Special Counsel by the DOJ. Trump and Republicans made three major mistakes regarding the Comey sacking. 

1. Trump first said he fired Comey based on the official letter that the Deputy Atty General wrote about Comey. But then Trump switched and said he would have fired Comey anyway, letter or no letter.
That means the letter wasn't needed in the first place which also means the DAG felt he wasted his time writing the letter.

2. Trump made another tragic mistake by tweeting that Comey better hope there were no tapes of their dinner conversation, That is a direct and stupid threat to Comey that he better not leak. And it was a public mistake that should not have been even spoken in private, let alone in a tweet.

3. Republicans NEVER learn their lessons about being cowardly and giving in to the Democrats and the media by recusing themselves. AG Sessions should not have recused himself and Rep. Nunes should not have either. 

Those three embarrassing events caused the DAG to screw up his courage and nail trump with a Special Counsel. Lessons: Never waste the time of the DAG and never fire an FBI Director and then threaten him in public.


Even if the Special Counsel and Congressional investigators do find criminal collusion between the Trump Campaign and the Russians, any person found guilty of such a crime can justifiably claim that he/she did not have the “intent” of committing a crime
After all, lack of intent is why Comey and the FBI refused to file charges against Clinton in the email scandal.

In addition, Trump can render all those investigations moot by simply issuing preemptive Presidential Pardons to anyone cited in those inquiries. That will effectively make all those activities totally irrelevant.

What are the Democrats and media going to do then? Say and write bad things about Trump?